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  • Collaborating with "Invisible Beings" to build a Community

    I saw the film "Interstellar" 3 weeks ago. Many interesting topics are highlighted in that film, and community is one of them, as well as asking for guidance to "invisible beings". Some days after seeing this film, I went to the south of France to get a training on bioenergetics, geobiology and "clairsentience" (there's a method we can learn to "feel" the energy of invisible presences and communicating with them). During my training, I learned that one of my Selfs (a multifunction one, which I bought through the Damanhur website) was blocking one of my hand chakra. Then, after several measurements and questions, asked to my Self bracelet by 4 people who were guiding this energetic training course, we found out that there's an invisible being who is sort of "chained" to the bracelet (if any of you is clairsensting or clairvoyant and you have a Self and make this test, you'll perceive a thin line of energy between the "invisible being" and the bracelet). Thanks to the book I got when I bought my Selfs (about the Selfica art), I knew that there were intelligent beings who we can communicate with by using these Selfs (and I usually did it, every night before going to bed) but what I didn't know is that those beings did not volunteer to get into the bracelets, they were kind of forced to be part of the Self. And another thing I discovered is that those beings take a percentage of our vital energy to keep alive. This was implicitly said in the Selfica manual when they explain that when you stop using the Selfs, they stop existing, but the fact that they take a part of our vital energy to keep alive is not clearly mentioned and I would have preferred to know this in advance, before buying them.

    So far, I've been integrating this information, asking my guardian angel for guidance and I have been dreaming about it (especially how it feels to get tied to something against my will). I think it would be possible to create a community following the advice of invisible beings we can communicate with through different means (telepathy, clear-audience, clear-sensing, dreams, etc.), but to me it's important that there is a balance and mutual respect among the different beings who voluntarily choose to participate in the construction of such a community.

    Today, my request for those who have Selfs at home (or over you if you use bracelets) and have the ability to talk to "invisible beings" is the following: I would like you to ask them if they volunteered to get attached to the Selfs and if they are ok, if they are happy being at our service. If any of you is clear-voyant or clair-sent, ask the "invisible being" to get out of the bracelet and try to see if there's a chain between the being and the bracelet. Then ask the being if he/she feels well or if he regrets would prefer to be free. Ask closed questions they can answer with a YES or NO. Just ask questions, don't try do anything to free them or change the structure of the Self because each Self is also a complete being, as you might know. Just ask with a lot of respect and love.

    I still have my Selfs but I'm not using them. I still don't know what to do with them, but I'll probably return them to Selet, because even if now I know that they irradiate a very high vibration, I think I wouldn't have bought them if I knew that they did not volunteered to this mission (and this is something that was tested by people who are clairsent, telepath and clairvoyant). So please, do the test if you feel called to do so and please let me know about the answers you get from your Selfs.

    Much love and many blessings,

  • Oh, I'm already in a well-established cooperative guild of 104 Real People in another game and talking this moment with one of my officers how to deal with an extremely demoralized guild. We're fresh out of one of our oldest members and the guild captain (me) has been MIA.

  • I posed the question to my techie son about online games that are civilization or community based. His answers ...

    Second Life. Eve Online can be played purely mining and creating and selling things (space game). EverQuest Landmark is a pure creation game. Can build amazing stuff if you learn how to use the tools and work cooperatively.

    Minecraft isn't really an MMO, but you can rent a private server to be up 24/7. Civilization is a fun strategy game, like a board game over centuries of mankind. Not permanent like an MMO. Minecraft doesn't have a per person subscription. Fun creation stuff, lots of mods to change the way it looks or plays.

    His words, as written. Conversation via text so hard to convey what would appeal here. Maybe if people are interested we should see how many, what they are interested in and see if there is something out there that would work for us. Creating from scratch is a HUGE undertaking. My son has been coding for over a year and is only now ready for someone to work on the graphics.

  • Not so happy about the battles...but I like the whole village thing.


    • Build and defend your village
    • Dominate the Realm
    • Battle with thousands of players across the world!
  • Am doing a Harry Potter marathon...just finished The Chamber of Secrets.  I got this gem of a saying from Dumbledore:  " It is not our abilities that show what we really are.  It is our choices."  I love that!  

  • Last time I played Civilization it was Civ II and that means it was a long time ago. I was working a Crusades scenario, trying every which way to figure out how to gain the knowledge of The True Cross and oh something else. One awarded Knights Templar and the other awarded Knights Hospitaller.

    One or the other and ideally both discoveries were the key to survival ... started the game with a rabble of peasants outside Antioch and we know how that went. Not to mention the political concerns with the Byzantine Empire, etc. etc.

    It was just an impossible Civ scenario (at maximum difficulty!).

    In the field: for some reason I attempted to watch Season 1 Episode 1 of Dennis the Menace. Wound up with episode 3 wherein Jay North annoyed Mr. Wilson within the first minute.

    "Oh yeah, I didn't enjoy this show as a kid, either." I realized.

  • Just posted a note in the discussion above - "Monthly Community Calls" about being drawn to watch Season 1 of the TV show The Gilmore Girls and what it's opening up for me.  Who would have thunk so many of the elements of Community would be revealed in this sweet story? 

    I'm with you Liz - I find that what I'm paying attention to appears on the site - sometimes so quickly it makes my head spin!

  • Interesting also, that I was drawn to listen to a book an cd about a family of four girls living in Mass. with their dad.  The girls have lost their mom to cancer, and are dealing with their aunt, who wants her brother to date because it was her sister's dying wish to have her husband not be lonely.  The book is rich with detail about being a community, and about the little everyday details that make you feel as though you are part of the community.  I am always fascinated that I am drawn to something, and then it appears on this site!!!

  • I just scanned this conversation and wanted to presence that there are two male teachers at my school that are playing this civilization game.  They talk about it all the time, and I am fascinated by the male bonding that is occurring.  They talk about it in passing, and at lunch.  I will look more into it to see what it is.  Just had to say something, as It fascinates me how this game is creating new relationship between these sweet guys.

  • What?

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