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I rarely take time to send out an email specifically regarding scheduling a consult with me, but as we went through April and into May, I became increasingly aware of the need to be present to what is occurring in our lives and what is unfolding. I have done consults for 50 years and am always amazed that there are times when the need to see into our lives in a new way are collective. That means that many people are going through something at the same time. 

Right now, the territory of our lives is being shifted and changed by forces outside ourselves....not only our economics, our cultures, our environment, but also larger forces that produce a dramatic shift in the future of a species.

April was notable with our futures now diving into the thick of the multiple shifts occurring. The consults provide an integrity to your life as well as a security in your place in your own existence. 

The sight  that has unfolded for me into where we are going and what we are going to experience in the next year is nothing short of remarkable AND challenging. 

I am in prayer that you will take advantage of the new openings I have created between May 16 & May 23rd to stabilize you and give you a stronger perception of how to navigate your life during these times.

I have dates in the first part of June to open if they are needed. 

I love you. Let me serve you. Tantra Maat

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 $275 for an initial

$180 for a development after your initial

If you have scheduled recently, you also can get a gift certificate for a friend toward their consult. 

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I'm Published Today!

My book Shhhh! Sad, Shocking and Sexy was launched today—on Tantra’s Birthday! 

Tantra, Happy Birthday and thank you for your support in the final leg of this journey.

In gratitude, I mention Tantra in the epilogue…

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Have you had enough yet ....

...of feeling dominated by 'outer' circumstances?

I know I sure have.

Each of us, first and foremost, are Life Particles.  We are NOT solid.  Tantra said this herself, a few days ago.  "Nothing is set in stone".  Not even…

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