A Message from Tantra

Those in Mystery School in Boulder CO... 

This is what started to happen as we were all in Kea's Kichen listening on speaker phone to Tantra, who 

was upstairs in the bedroom doing "Spirit Hour

To listen to the replay of the July Spirit hour, please



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Timeless Time

This is a message from spiritualist Maureen Moss...very pertinent and I thought it worth sharing here.


I may be taking a risk here, though I am writing this to offer new considerations and an expanded awareness…

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Fellow Architects ....

I asked Tantra what I could do/be/have to stabilize the field with what we are opening up into?

Todays webinar, and her subsequent observations prompted this metapoint for me.

Who else would like to know the answer to this?  She…

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Astral Travel I July 17th

July 17th, 2015

Astral Travel 1

                Why would I be sharing regarding my class with Astral Travel? After all, isn’t it something we just imagine we do? Nothing real. Well, I have…

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