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Date & Time: Wednesday, June 17th at 5:00pm Pacific

Attend by Phone: 
Guest pin code: 961754# 
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100 
Secondary dial in number: (916) 228-6996 

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This is a quote from Anne from Dublin who sent me an email that captures what our Community Call will be about. Mark it on your Calendar. The present Calendar may reflect different dates until Jackie can change them. I had been living in Santa Barbara and changed the dates, but the resonance was not right so I am changing them back. 


 TOPIC:  How Are We & How Do We Inform Creation and Be Informed By It?

The last page in the bundle of sheets 'Creators' Spirals of Being' has the words:
"Thinking you were the one who was the source of manifestation.  You are just the informer."
Does the quote translate as follows for example :
Baking a Cake
I gather ingredients to make a cake; get a bowl, a wooden spoon, a tin to bake cake in;
I set the oven to the required temperature.  I mix the ingredients with a turn of the wrist and
elbow while standing or sitting and put the mixutre in the baking tin.  Then I place tin in the oven
for 45/50 mins. as I sing to my self, look out the window at the bird on the lawn, let the cat in.
I think I am the source of manifestation of the cake, but in fact the Source is creation creating the
cake through me.  I am the informer by my participation.
Are my words another way of understanding your words ?  
Blessings in Unity
Anne (Dublin

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Most of the interaction with Tantra in 2015 will be via our subscription options: The Creation Spirals.

Public Calls for JULY are:

Transmission July 8th, 5 pm $22

Community Call- July 22nd, 6 pm FREE

Spirit Hour- July 19th,  6:30 am FREE

With You-July 29th 5 pm $22

All times above are Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

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