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March interview with Dr. Heather Hunt and Tantra 'Supporting Your Wellbeing'. Click here for replay

April interview with Tantra  and Jozef:

“As you go through The Eye of Creation’s Needle, we become condensed; we are going to get very, very condensed… that’s how we will fit through The Eye. So everything that isn’t sane, everything that isn’t sanity, gets pushed up for us to address; what unhinges is insanity… it comes to the surface (insanity) as stumbling blocks, and does not go through The Eye…. The way to get through the crush and or the crunch of Sanity… is in Unity.” -Jozef Dominguez

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Tantra also highly recommends her Spirit Hour Will of Life talk  from March 2016. This download will support you and your body in these trying times. Click HERE to purchase this call. 

From The Field of Tantra Maat

May 20th, 2016

Dearest Agents,

When I say the Spirals of Being are designed to build your strength, stamina, and capacity to be what you came to be, what I have written here is what I am referencing. Those who have membership in the Agents of Creation benefit from what the work Spirals of Being do in the field of the agents. Without your realizing it, you being part of a unified field builds your strength, stamina, and capacity to be one with creation.

There is a magic that is happening in the Spirals. The strength, stamina, and capacity is building for people to be more directly experiencing what there is for them to experience as their direct link with creation. There is where you discover your unique and essential design of Creation and in that find yourself being what you came to be, doing what you came to, and being what you came to be.

I would very much like to introduce more people with a direct link to Creation into the Field of Tantra Maat. My concern is that you do not have a sufficient strength, stamina, and capacity to recognize your own direct link with creation and are still swayed by thinking it is in the person, the technology, method, or a thing that is why you have the level of power in the experience you have. The increased power in your direct connection with creation is in the strength, stamina, and capacity you have been developing.

It is your strength, stamina, and capacity of your direct link with Creation that gives you the powerful experiences you have. We teachers, gurus, etc can be like boosters, but it is yours to use embodied beings to be re-sources for your getting access to your direct link and not to mistake them for the source. Mature your strength, stamina, and capacity to be in your direct link with Creation. You are the source of your capacity. It is ours to build your muscles. And yes, some of us are powerful muscle builders. 

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