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We are a community. Whether you signed onto this site just because or not, doesn't matter. You are a community that are signed into being a member of a very specific community: a community of people who have said, "I am an agent of creation. We are agents of creation." That means you include in your busy, sometimes overwhelmed and pressured life, the activity of creation and your part in it. You begin to observe and be. In those observations and in those sharings, another way of existing, a different type of reality begins to distinguish itself from the one you were born into and is still active.

I stand in that reality and I inform and guide. You are very welcome to not be informed or guided but that is what I am here to do. That is my purpose through this site. My business is supporting every human being I can in returning to the original design of this creation. Why? Because the origin-al design of this planet provided everything that was needed, had boundless self-expression, lived in the honor of both life and death, and had increasing capacity to be part of the even greater realities that once shared space here.

My male heroes are Moses because he led his people out of the wilderness into the promised land and Conan the Barbarian because no matter how many arrows he had in him, he would find a magi or a healer so he could keep going and get what was his to do done. My female heroines are Tantra...the feminine deity who brings the higher realms of existence into unity with earth and Maat who is the forerunner or Justice. She weeps as she weighs the souls of the departed. If they are too heavy they have to work through the low vibrational realities again. She doesn't like that. It hurts her heart. She is also as the Egyptian goddess the counterpart of Moses only she says, "Don't mess with my people."

I have capacities and skills, have strength and stamina....not only for my journey, but for yours. I am here with you and for you. Tantra Maat

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What do we remember, from where we were before?

I have noticed Tantra say a couple of times that when we feel "I don't belong in this world" or "I am in the wrong place" as well as that deep yearning for something else we have, that could not happen if there wasn't something else we…

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Most of the interaction with Tantra in 2014 will be via our subscription options: The Creation Tiers.

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With You- Dec. 31st 5 pm $22

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