A Message from Tantra

From Tantra,
I highly recommend that you begin the work of strengthening the activity of creation in the torso of your body as we move into October 2015.
Something is afoot in the physical plane and stimulating the weakness in your solar chakra/solar plexus. The solar chakra is our link to our personal power, our self esteem and the fire in our belly to keep going as the matrices of reality around us move into the next level of collapse.
Our physical organs also need to function here while our energetic body transcends beyond the collapse. This is why I recommend listening to the Activation II.
Please prepare for the months we are moving into. Imagine I am asking you to build an internal ark. 
You will need this ark for the months before us.
I love you.
A meditation from Hanne, one of the Architects:

My meditation.
A voice said: You are, That I am. 
Then Heart contact. Embrace all kingdoms and foremost Gaia. 
Go into The flower of Life, to The Grid around planet Earth. Examine that each link is intact. Go into The centre of Gaia watch how the energy is streaming out everywhere from here healing and vitalizing The Flower of Life. Float around watch out for any dysfunction.

Go into space get contact to our Galaxy. Then all Galaxies, the Universe and Universes. Watch out that each part is functioning after the Devine plan and the Will of the Creator. Watch how humanity is wrestling with activity were new is formed and the old gone.

Ask the Creator to harmonize, to enliven, to transform all what  is not serving the greater whole. Be blessed we are with you.

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